Trail Improvement Plans Identified, Action Plans Formed

Malden Mayor Gary Christenson speaks at a planning meeting.
Malden Mayor Gary Christenson (left) spoke at a planning session on Saturday, March 2 in Malden. At right is Bike to the Sea founder Stephen Winslow.

A variety of plans to enhance the Northern Strand Community Trail were identified at a meeting held in Malden on Saturday, March 2. The Bike to the Sea group asked the public for ideas and came up with plans to:

  • Improve street crossings
  • Create signs and maps to direct people to the trail
  • Clean-up and beautify sections of the trail
  • Build a community garden
  • Install trash barrels, benches, bike racks, kiosks, business markers and historic markers along the trail.

Potential partners from municipal groups and the business community were also identified as part of several action plans that members have been assigned.

Yellow and pink post-it notes placed over a map of the trail.
Ideas were placed on post-it notes and then placed on a map of the trail during the planning session.