Less Worry About Cars On Bike to the Sea Ride, June 2

Bicyclists on the Bike to the Sea Ride on Sunday, June 2 won’t have to worry as much about cars this year because most of the ride will follow newly built portions of the trail.

The annual ride to the beach in Nahant will follow portions of the trail that are complete in Everett, Malden, and sections of Saugus. Bicyclists will still have to share the roadways with cars on the Revere and Lynn portion of the ride because work on the trail hasn’t begun yet in those two cities. Work is expected to begin in Revere this summer. There is no schedule to build out the Lynn portion of the trail as city officials in Lynn have not yet approved plans.

This year’s ride will begin at 9 a.m. in Everett, rather than Malden, at the Madeline English School, 105 Woodville St.  Information about how to register for the ride will be announced soon.

The annual Bike to the Sea Day Ride promotes the construction of the Northern Community Strand Trail.  Construction so far has included ripping up railroad tracks and installing gravel, wood fencing, and road crossing signs. Usually two groups of riders take the annual ride, one at a faster clip and one for families and others who prefer to ride more slowly. The entire trip lasts about three hours.

Police usually escort riders through intersections, clearing traffic. There is also a van that follows the group in case someone gets a flat, or needs help.