Donate Now Through March 17 and Get So Much More

Aerial view of Rumney Marsh in Revere
The trail will run along this tranquil oasis known as Rumney Marsh.

Bike to the Sea launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise matching funds for a $116,000 grant it received to build the Revere portion of the Northern Strand Trail.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation awarded the grant with the condition that Bike to the Sea matches at least 20 percent with outside funds. That means that for every dollar you donate, Bike to the Sea is allowed to claim an additional $5 of grant money. So if you donate $20, you’re actually allowing Bike to the Sea to collect an additional $100. But wait, there’s more.

If you donate as part of Bike to the Sea’s Indiegogo campaign on this page, you’ll get the following gifts:

  • A $15 donation will get you a glossy Bike to the Sea sticker that you can put on your bike, your car, or any other surface to show your support.
  • A $20 donation will get you an annual membership (a $25 value), plus the glossy sticker mentioned above.
  • A $50 donation will get you at special commemorative T-shirt that celebrates the addition of the Revere portion of the trail; plus an annual membership; and the glossy sticker mentioned above.
  • A $1000 donation will get you something to permanently recognize your contribution. Bike to the Sea will work with you to find a way to make your contribution permanently and publicly known. There will be kiosks, benches, and trail signs that will provide opportunities for this.

Much Progress Made in 2013

This past year was a productive one for Bike to the Sea. The Everett and Malden sections of the trail were completed and paved and the Saugus section officially opened. Work began in Revere in the fall and with this funding will be completed this spring, creating a continuous 7.5 mile stretch of trail.

While the City of Lynn has yet to approve plans for the trail, there were productive meetings with Senator Thomas McGee and other local public officials.

Revere Portion of Trail is Tranquil

The Revere portion of the trail will be built along the Rumney Marsh. The views and tranquility of this section may surprise you, given its proximity to densely settled cities. Previously this area was inaccessible and you might only have been able to get a brief glimpse of it through the windows of a car speeding down Route 1. The creation of the trail may give you a new favorite destination.

Trail Will Help Link Maine to Florida

This will also become an integral part of the East Coast Greenway, which is a growing network of off-road paths leading all the way from Maine to Florida.

Imagine being able to go for a walk with your friends and family on a trail that passes through both convenient urban areas and the open and beautiful Rumney Marsh, and being able to say, “I built this!”

This is your chance.