Annual Bike to the Sea Day Ride Attracts Large Group of Riders

About 120 people participated in the annual Bike to the Sea Day ride on Sunday, June 1 making it one of the largest groups in the event’s 22-year history.

Participation was high this year because more people are finding out about the trail and using it, according to Bike to the Sea President Jim Tozza.

When completed, the trail, called the Northern Strand Trail, will run about 10 miles from Everett, through Malden, Revere, Saugus and Lynn, to Nahant Beach. Portions of the trail in Everett, Malden and Saugus were opened over the past two years and bicyclists, walkers, joggers, roller skaters, dog walkers, cross-country skiers and others have been enjoying it.

Bike to the Sea officials continue to talk to officials in Lynn who have not yet approved plans for the trail there.

The annual ride uses portions of the trail that are open but still has to traverse through city traffic where it is not. Police from Everett, Malden, and Lynn escorted bicyclists along the route, stopping traffic when necessary at busy intersections. The ride promotes awareness of the trail and the 22-year effort to get it built.

Malden Mayor Gary Christenson addressed the large group at the beginning of the ride at the Madeline English School in Everett telling them they’re one of the reasons this region has a bright future.