New Community Trail Extension Projects

We’ve started putting efforts towards some new connector projects along various communities the Northern Strand abuts. When we increase our membership numbers and receive general donations, those funds are used to progress these projects, as well keep our community programming going!

Medford Wellington Connector

The Wellington Connector will give a whole neighborhood in East Medford direct access to River’s Edge, Malden River, and Wellington T stop by bike and foot. And one day when a new foot bridge is built, it will extend all the way to the Northern Strand. The first step we’re advocating for is to build a land bridge above the orange line.

Malden Willow Street Greenway

Willow St. in Malden is a very wide street that goes by 3 parks near the Northern Strand. We’re leading a Complete Streets initiative to build a raised and separated bike path on the street, so that kids in the neighborhood can ride their bicycles to each park and get to the Northern Strand safely.

Revere Charger St. Connector

Major roads and highways cut off most of Revere residents from accessing the Northern Strand easily or safely by foot and bicycle. We’re leading the charge to build a trail that goes along the marsh towards Charger St., and from there a separated bike path could connect to Nicholas Nino DiSalvo Park.