Northern Strand Construction Schedule

And Trail Closures

Brown, Richardson, & Rowe have advised us to anticipate the upcoming closures of the following sections of the trail for construction activities in March:

  • Cottage St to Spencer St – Lynn: anticipated closure beginning Wed 3/18 for min. 6-month period. Area will be fenced off and closed to the public. Trail pedestrians/bicyclists will be detoured to Hood or Woodman St.
  • Central St Saugus – Boston St – Lynn: partial closure of area east of Bridge 1 will begin Monday 3/16 during working hours for equipment to access laydown yard. Trail access will be left open unless safety concerns arise. Full closure of the section from Central to Boston street will be needed prior to the start of trail / bridge construction at a later date. Will provide notification prior to the need for full closure.
  • Misc. closures for selective clearing / tree removal:  daily closures of misc. sections of the trail will be needed for these activities. Confirmed dates are not available at this time but we will provide notification prior to the daily temporary closures.

Use of the trail is otherwise permitting, even during the response to recent events related to the spread of Covid-19. Using the trail during this unprecedented time is an excellent way to get fresh air and exercise, but that maintaining 6’ distance from fellow users and construction workers is a critical community practice towards preventing further spread of this pandemic.

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