Safe Trail Etiquette During Covid-19

Getting out of the house and avoiding too much monotony is important, but it’s also important to do it in a safe way that minimizes the risk you may pose to yourself and other around you. Remember that some people can have the virus and not show any symptoms, yet still transmit the disease.

If you are in a high-risk demographic (have ever had respiratory issues, any form of diabetes, or are a senior citizen), please wear a face mask on the trail. If you are exhibiting any symptoms, please remain home.

Additionally everyone should do their best to avoid the following:

  • walking/riding in groups of 3+
  • spitting, coughing, blowing nose, etc
  • petting dogs
  • using dog parks
  • congregating at overlook areas
  • crowded parking lots
  • touching railings
  • using park benches
  • using drinking fountains
  • exercise stations
  • using frisbees, basketballs, etc

If we all follow these suggestions when we’re on the path, then we ensure the risk of disease transmission on any trail remains minimal.

Thanks for doing your part!

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