Help clean up the Northern Strand while practicing social distancing

We’re excited to see so many people using the Northern Strand these days! But we’ve also noticed some litter along trail. We’re back to holding in-person group cleanup events but understand not everyone is comfortable with being around groups of people. We’d still like to encourage everyone to go out on the Northern Strand and do a #SoloTrailCleanup year-round!

Completing it will be a nice little pick-me-up and your community will certainly appreciate your efforts!

#SoloTrailCleanup in 5 Steps

Step 1

Get supplies: work gloves, trash bags, and a face mask (if you’re in a high-risk demographic – more info)

Step 2

Head out to the trail. Choose an area of the trail and take a quick picture before you start, like:

Northern Strand Everett, before #SoloTrailCleanup

Step 3

Clean up as much of the area as you can while staying 6 ft. (or more) away from anyone else along the path. Take a quick picture when you’re done, like:

Northern Strand Everett, after #SoloTrailCleanup

Also take a picture of yourself with your loot!

Yurij’s Northern Strand #SoloTrailCleanup

Step 4

Take the trash and put it in a public trash bin/dumpster or bring it home and put it in your own trash bin. Be sure to throw your gloves directly into the laundry and wash your hands thoroughly, as well as disinfect your phone before doing anything else.

Step 5

Post your pictures on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and tag them with #SoloTrailCleanup, #NorthernStrandCommunityTrail, and @Bike To The Sea (and/or @BikeToTheSea / @b2c_trails if you’re using Twitter / Instagram). Please describe your experience and add more pictures if you like! And don’t forget to share the challenge with your friends.


Thanks so much for all your hard work! The official challenge is over so we are no longer giving away prizes but hope you can still do a cleanup on your own!


Can we do this in another state or country?

Absolutely! If you know of a trail or path that could benefit from something like this, absolutely feel free to use the same hash tag and/or any of our rules and suggestions :)

Are there any other challenges we can do?

Yep! One of our partner organizations, Mystic River Watershed Association, also has a similar challenge for cleanups around the Mystic River called #MysticTrashTag – if you live nearby the Mystic River, consider doing that too!

What if I don’t have any social media accounts? Can I still participate?

Of course! Just send your pictures and a note about your experience to news@biketothesea.org and we’re happy to put up a post for you :)

Current Participants