Ongoing Northern Strand Trail Closures

As part of the ongoing construction along the Northern Strand, Bridge 1 (the longer of the 3 bridges, located in Saugus near Boston Street) will be closed starting the week of 5/18/20. The segment between Denver St and Central St is now closed as well, and that closure started around 8/15/20.

What’s no longer accessible?

Fencing will be placed to prevent access, and any public on the trail at the Saugus side of the bridge will need to turn around to come off of the trail at Denver St in Saugus. Similarly, in Lynn there will be no public access to the trail from Boston Street, and any public wanting to access the trail from the north-east to travel towards Saugus and Revere and points south will have to use City/Town roads to the trail crossing with Denver St in Saugus.

When will it re-open?

The bridge will remain closed for a minimum of several months as bridge construction gets underway. We will provide an update for a re-opening date as soon as one is given.

Is there a detour?

No, there is currently no formal detour, there will be no formal detour, and there are no roads nearby that compare with the safety trail users experience on the Northern Strand. All alternative routes share space with automobiles or have bumpy sidewalks on the sides of the roads. We recommend applying large doses of caution whenever people share roads with cars, particularly in Revere, Saugus, and Lynn since those town roads do not have any common safety features for alternative forms of transportation that can be found in other parts of the Boston area, like Somerville, Cambridge, and Downtown Boston.

All that said, we’ve chosen what we think is the “best of the worst” recommended detour out of all the alternative route options, and have created a digital route people can use to help people get/from Everett/Nahant Beach. Feel free to download it and use it with your phone or smart watch (we recommend the RideWithGPS app (paid) or BikeGPX app (free):

*Note: Having trouble using RideWithGPS? Consider using BikeGPX instead – it’s free and after downloading the app just go here and scan the QR code or copy and paste this URL ( and start your route.

If you would like more ideas for where to walk, ride, or get outside during the active construction on the Northern Strand, please see more detours and alternative ride destinations.