A newly paved road going through a salt marsh.

Saugus and Lynn Make Good Progress Paving the Trail

The trail in Saugus.
This section of the trail in Saugus is prepped for paving.

Work to completely pave the Northern Strand Community Trail from Everett, through Malden, Revere, Saugus and into Lynn is progressing with large sections of the trail now paved in Saugus and Lynn. The trail in Everett and Malden is already paved. 

Parts of the trail remain closed in Saugus and Lynn while work on paving and installing bridges is being done. Here are some highlights of this work along the 10-mile route:

A bulldozer works on the trail in Saugus.
Construction crews work on the trail near the Salem Street intersection on the Revere/Saugus line.
  • The trail in Saugus has been either paved or prepped for paving all the way from the Lynn line to the Revere line at the Salem Street crossing. 
  • Wooden posts are being placed along the trail in Revere in anticipation of work starting soon to prep the trail for paving. 
  • The bridge in Saugus near Boston Street and Lincoln Avenue is expected to be assembled and installed by the end of November. Two bridges along the trail in Lynn are also expected to be completed by then. 
  • A majority of the trail in Lynn has been paved and traffic signs and signals at intersections will hopefully be completed by winter. 
  • The trail in Lynn begins as one trail from the Saugus Line, following an abandoned railroad line, but then splits near Market Basket into separate trails. One will continue as a separated on-road bike lane from Market Basket running along North Common Street into downtown Lynn. The other, The Community Path of Lynn, will continue along the abandoned railroad bed to Nahant Beach. 
  • Some planting is taking place in and near the Linear Park in Lynn and initial seeding has occurred along the shoulders. This will be redone in the spring.  Until the intersections and crossings are fully complete the trail remains officially “closed” while under construction. 
The salt marsh in Lynn.
The trail in Lynn overlooks a salt marsh.