Malden Intersections Nearly Complete!

After suffering a setback due to equipment damage, the paving subcontractor has installed a first course of asphalt at all the crossings along the trail in Malden. These locations had been stripped back to the gravel base course. There are still small vertical gaps until the top course is installed, so proceed carefully and avoid those pinch flats!

We know how many people use the trail every day and how hazardous these intersections have been for all trail users these last several months, and we’re thankful to know that these improvements ensure *greater* safety for all ages and abilities for many years to come.

To learn more about what’s being done to the trail during these phases of construction, each month we’re sent detailed progress reports by the project leads and we post them here. We also do our best to keep our map of the trail as up to date as possible with day-to-day condition. Please let us know if you have any trail feedback that will help keep our map more accurate and up-to-date.