Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Ride “Bike to the Moon” Set for Sept. 11

Bike to the Sea is partnering with the Chinese Culture Connection on a ride celebrating the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival: “Bike to the Moon” “骑行 奔月 这次自行车之行将由华夏文化协会和Bike to the Sea机构共同赞助

This bike ride has two options (route map) 这次自行车之行有两个选择 (路线图)
1) Family-Friendly Ride (6-miles round trip on flat bike trail)     Start in Malden – End at Salem Street Park in Revere     家庭友好骑行(在平坦的自行车道上往返 6 英里)     从莫尔登开始 – 在里维尔的塞勒姆街公园结束 2) Beach Ride (20-miles round trip on bike trail and bike lanes)      Start in Malden – End at Nahant Beach in Lynn     海滩骑行(自行车道和自行车道往返 20 英里)     从莫尔登开始 – 在林恩的纳汉特海滩结束

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