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Residents Encouraged To Participate in Plans to ‘Reimagine Broadway Corridor’ in Malden

Bike to the Sea members and other residents are encouraged to attend a series of public meetings to discuss ways to redevelop Broadway in Malden from the Melrose line to the Everett line.

A series of three “Reimagining Broadway” community meetings start on Thursday, Sept. 15, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Linden STEAM Academy, 29 Wescott St. in Malden. That meeting will focus on proposed zoning changes for the roadway.

The other two meetings will focus on plans to redesign the roadway, to make it more accommodating for all types of traffic. Those meetings will be held remotely via Zoom as follows:

Some questions to be considered at these meetings are:

  • What do you want the future development along the corridor to look like? 
  • And, how do we make the roadway business and pedestrian friendly?

Recent improvements were made to the intersection of Broadway and the Northern Strand Community Trail that makes that area much safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. However, more can be done to make the roadway more appealing for everyone.

The City of Malden has been working on plans to redevelop the busy and traffic-laden roadway since 2018 when it was awarded a grant by the Mass. Gaming Commission to study physical and economic conditions of the corridor and how those conditions might change as a result of the opening of the Encore Casino in Everett. That resulted in a “framework plan” for the roadway, which can be found here.

And now the city is putting together some suggestions on new zoning for the area which will be presented to the City Council in October. Any redesign plans that are also created will have to be approved by the Metropolitan Planning Organization, which favors projects that try to accommodate a variety of transportation needs, including walking, bicycling, autos and public busses. 

For more information contact John Alessi, Transportation Planner,

You can also find more information here.