Bike to the Sea’s Bike Kitchen

If you don’t already know, a bike kitchen is a community space that holds weekly “shop hours” to provide people with bike stands, tools, and cheap or free spare parts to fix their bikes. One or more trained or self-taught mechanics staff the shop hours, though they are mostly there to keep track of tools and equipment, and offer pointers. The objective is for cyclist DIY and not like a full service shop. Bike to the Sea’s Bike Kitchen will be constructed using reused shipping containers and located on the Northern Strand Trail in Malden adjacent to Canal Street.

B2C’s Bike Kitchen would operate similar to Somerville’s Bike Kitchen seen in video above

BK Update..

Insurance policy is locked in. Terms with the land owner have been drafted. We will start retrofitting the containers in March! Here is a short video to show how the design is evolving now that we have two containers to work with. Have ideas about how the Bike Kitchen should look and function? Get in touch!

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