Bike Kitchen Brainstorm Session

Watch this video of the containers being installed in Malden:

The containers are here! Join Bike to the Sea for a Brainstorm session on the operations, rules and design of our soon to open Bike Kitchen:

Thursday, July 20th at 6pm at Aeronaut Cannery & Taproom in Everett

If you don’t already know, a bike kitchen is a community space that holds weekly “shop hours” to provide people with bike stands, tools, and cheap or free spare parts to fix their bikes. One or more trained or self-taught mechanics staff the shop hours, though they are mostly there to keep track of tools and equipment, and offer pointers. The objective is for cyclist DIY skill-building and confidence (not a full service shop). 

Bike to the Sea’s Bike Kitchen will be housed in reused shipping containers and located on the Northern Strand Trail in Malden adjacent to Canal Street. More information can be found here.

What do you want to see in YOUR community Bike Kitchen?

  • What should the open shop hours be?
  • What tools and supplies should it have?
  • What kinds of workshops would you like to attend?
  • What should the age requirements be?
  • What kind of storage/organization should be inside?
  • What kinds of lighting should it have?
  • What décor and site design would you like to see?

Stick around for trivia afterwards starting at 8pm!