Bike to the Sea board members show the silver mugs they received at the meeting.

Members Hear About Cross-country Bike Ride at Annual Meeting

(Above photo: Outgoing vice-president Jay Cobau (left), board member Linda Sullivan (second from left), and outgoing president Janet Green (right) were given Bike to the Sea Yeti mugs. Standing in back is Pat Bibbins the newly-elected president of the organization.)

Dr. Brian Sutton stands before a map of the Great American Rail Trail.
Dr. Brian Sutton talked about his cross-country bike trip at the annual meeting.

Dr. Brian Sutton, MD made a multimedia presentation about his cross-country bike ride this past summer at Bike to the Sea’s annual meeting held on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2023.

Dr. Brian Sutton and his brother, Bike to the Sea board member Pete Sutton.

Sutton, the brother of Bike to the Sea board member Pete Sutton, showed photos, maps, and short video clips of his journey on the Great American Rail Trail starting in Washington State and ending in Washington, D.C.

People sitting at tables applaud.
There was a good turnout at the annual meeting.

Sutton left his job as medical director of Baystate Health Urgent Care in western Mass. shortly before embarking on the cross-country trip. His wife followed him across the country in an RV.

About 77 Bike to the Sea members attended the dinner meeting at the Old Tyme Italian Cuisine restaurant in Lynn. Elections were held for new board members. Pat Bibbins replaced Janet Green as president.  Tai Lam was elected to the board as secretary. And Linda Sullivan was honored for her years of service on the board. 

Tai Lam (second from left in a suit) was elected to the board at the event.
Jay Cobau was given the Long Haul Award for his seven years of service to the organization. As vice-president of the board Jay spearheaded efforts to increase the numbers and diversity of Bike to the Sea members. From left to right, Bike to the Sea co-founder Steve Winslow, Cobau, and Bike to the Sea President of ten years, Janet Green.
Bike to the Sea board member, Linda Sullivan (left) was given the Golden Spike award for her outstanding contributions to the organization.