Board of Directors

Patrick Bibbins


Pat grew up in Cambridge, lives in Medford, and has been riding around the Boston area since elementary school. He works as a graphic designer at a children’s hospital and has a degree in Growth and Structure of Cities. He is a League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor, former chair of the Medford Bicycle Advisory Commission, and long-time advocate for transportation alternatives that are safe, useful, and fun for people of all ages and abilities.

Dan Krechmer

Vice President

Originally from Pennsylvania, Dan is a lifelong bike rider who’s lived in Melrose for nearly four decades. As a retired transportation planner, he has experience developing comprehensive plans for state, regional, and local agencies involving many modes of transport. In his community, he has served as chairperson of the Melrose Pedestrian Bicyclist Committee. Dan is a committed advocate for biking and walking as ways to promote healthy living, address environmental issues, and prepare for our changing climate.

Leslie Russo


Leslie lives in Saugus and is the rehab director at a skilled nursing facility on the North Shore. She joined the Bike to the Sea board because of the enjoyment she gets from the NST and her desire to share safe and convenient access to nature with others.

Tai Lam


Tai grew up in Malden and has a degree in physics. As a technologist, he works in the areas of digital security, privacy, and sociology of the Internet. He is also conversant in basic Spanish. Tai can often be found on the NST participating in invasive species control, cleanups, and staffing the B2C Bike Kitchen. He’s also involved in Malden’s Urban Media Arts and collaborated on, Understory, a short film that highlights the NST and many of the great things it has brought to his community.

Gary Chin

Board Member

Gary lives in Malden and is the former Director of Community Engagement for Bikes Not Bombs. He is currently the Assistant Director for Continuing Education at Franklin Cummings Tech. He has an undergraduate degree in film and photography, and a master’s in teaching and speaks some Spanish. As a year-round bike rider, the NST is part of his regular commuting route.

Janet Green

Board Member

Janet lives in Malden and her career has included positions at Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA), the United Farm Workers, as well as in a small business, and she is now at the Jewish Climate Action Network MA. She has degrees in French and Biology, speaks some Spanish, and is currently taking classes in Mandarin Chinese. Janet’s service on the Malden Recycling Committee led her to become a long-time B2C board member and past president, and she has been instrumental in shepherding the NST through every phase from concept to completion.

Pete Sutton

Board Member

Pete lives in Somerville and is the Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Coordinator for MassDOT, where he manages updates to statewide plans, serves as Ex-officio on the Massachusetts Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board, and chairs MassDOT’s Moving Together Conference. He has served on the B2C board since 2008 and has cycled every greenway in the state from Provincetown to Williamstown.

Megan Witter

Board Member

Megan is a Revere resident and Local 4 Elevator Constructor. She also has a degree in fashion design and production and freelances as a seamstress. One of her areas of interest is B2C’s collaboration with the City of Revere to develop a safe bike/pedestrian connection between the NST and the Revere Beach Reservation so residents may use it for errands around town, and to make it easy for them to enjoy all the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Ginny Mullen

Board Member

Ginny lives in Revere close to the NST and has been a B2C and board member since the very earliest days of the organization. She is a school bus driver, which brings a valuable perspective to issues involving kids and safety on our roads and trails.

Susan Margot Ecker

Board Member

SüSi is a professional photographer from Malden and her portraits can be seen in a Malden Arts ARTLine outdoor installation right on the NST.  She has been active in many of the city’s civic and community organizations for many years, has worked as a tour coordinator for a local museum, in educational travel, and at The Immigrant Learning Center in Malden, plus she speaks some Spanish. Along with her husband, Matt, she has toured Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, and countries in Europe by tandem bike. SüSi has also instructed bike riders young and old in local communities and through the MassDOT Safe Routes to School program.

Claudia LaFontaine

Board Member

Claudia lives in Lynn and has a degree in architecture with a minor in art history, and is learning to speak Spanish. She is an associate planner and designer for an urban planning consultancy and is involved in the community participation process and design of public spaces, and also specializes in public art installation projects. Walking is her preferred way of getting around her community, and she believes everyone else should have safe ways to travel in the way they wish, too.