Jonah Chiarenza

Executive Director

Jonah lives in Melrose and has an undergraduate degree in architecture and a master’s in urban and environmental planning. He works as a Transportation Planner. As Bike to the Sea (B2C) Executive Director, he leads trail connectivity projects, engages with sponsors and funding organizations, and coordinates with municipal and government agencies, and organizations within the Northern Strand Trail (NST) region. He enjoys all kinds of bike riding, from family-friendly and commuting to gravel riding, mountain biking, and touring/bikepacking.

Agnes Recato

Program Manager

Agnes lives in Malden and holds an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts in Interior Design and a Master’s in Science in Biomimicry. Her area of expertise is Biophilic Design, which is the practice of designing and creating spaces that allow people to interact with nature in meaningful and beneficial ways. As the B2C Program Manager, she plans and coordinates events, partners with groups and municipalities, manages B2C communications, including social media and our monthly newsletter, organizes B2C Bike Kitchen activities, and advocates for safe and equitable access to the NST.

Yurij Lojko

Systems & Digital Media Manager

Yurij keeps track of our members and donors, and make sure all our digital platforms & tools are connected and working as they should.

He focuses on our:

  • Email newsletters
  • Event promotion & operations
  • Social media outreach
  • Annual membership drive
  • Website
  • IT administration