Bike Kitchen

What is it?

The B2C Bike Kitchen is a community space that holds weekly “shop hours” to provide people with bike stands, tools, and cheap or free spare parts to fix their bikes. One or more volunteers staff the shop hours to keep track of tools and equipment and offer pointers.

Where is it?

The Bike Kitchen is located at 158 Canal Street in Malden along the Northern Strand Trail.

Shop Hours:

  • Coming soon!

How do I use it?

  • The Bike Kitchen is available for use by members of the public – stay tuned for our opening!
  • Have parts to donate, or want to get involved?
  • Membership supports our efforts, but is not required to participate.

Bike Kitchen Installation

Recent news:

Funds for the Bike Kitchen were provided by the Sustainable Materials Recovery Grant which is offered by MassDEP and managed in Malden through the Office of Mayor Christenson.

Special thanks to our Bike Kitchen shop partner North Shore Cycle: