Bike to the… detours and alternative rides!

Our organization is known for conceiving of a route from the Boston area to the beautiful Nahant Beach along nearly an uninterrupted path separated from automobile traffic. Today, thanks to our countless volunteers and support of state and local municipalities, most of that route is complete – but some of it is currently under construction or soon to be improved.

We don’t expect the route to Nahant to be fully complete until somewhere around 2022-2023. Until then, here are some recommended detours and alternative “points of interest” to consider biking to, using the Northern Strand as a starting point for your ride!

Feel free to download these routes and use them to guide you on your phone or smart watch. We recommend using the RideWithGPS app (paid) or BikeGPX app (free) for best results (other apps like Google Maps tend to re-route you unwittingly).

Bike to the Sea (2020 Detour)

With some of the trail being closed due to the work being done on the Northern Strand in Saugus and Lynn, this is the current route we recommend from Everett to Nahant Beach. Be advised the closer to the beach you get, the busier some of the road conditions might become.

*Note: Having trouble using RideWithGPS? Consider using BikeGPX instead – it’s free and after downloading the app just go here and scan the QR code or copy and paste this URL ( and start your route.

Bike to the Malden River

Bike, run, skate, or blade the Malden River Loop, along the many new paths and connections recently added by Everett, Malden, Medford, River’s Edge, and the DCR.

Bike to the Marsh

Ride or walk along the Northern Strand, then cut through quiet Saugus neighborhoods to get to beautiful, secluded Rumney Marsh.

Bike to the Canal

Take the Northern Strand to a trail along a little known drainage canal through Malden and Revere. This trail is a mix of dirt and sand, so be prepared for slower riding.

Bike to the Pines

Take a ride to the wonderfully smelling Pine Banks park on the border of Melrose and Malden. Most of the riding in the park might not be suitable for a road bike.

Bike to the Lynn Woods

Ride to a huge public park with tons of single track MTB trails, nature hikes, horticulture gardens, etc. This entrance is a small MTB/natural foot path, but there are other more “main” entrances for the other attractions in the park.

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