Northern Strand Trail Maps

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The Northern Strand Trail starts as a paved trail in Everett, is briefly gravel in Revere, and is now freshly paved from Saugus to Lynn. The trail in Lynn begins as one trail from the Saugus Line, following an abandoned railroad line, but then splits near Market Basket into separate trails. One will continue as a separated on-road bike lane from Market Basket running along South Common Street into downtown Lynn. The other, The Community Path of Lynn, will continue along the abandoned railroad bed to Bennett St. A fully paved and accessible “all ages and abilities” path going all the way to Nahant Beach should be complete by 2024.

With the exception of the downtown Lynn segment, the trail is mostly complete – however different segments of it are actively under construction and will be until 2022. We have created a recommended detour and will keep it updated as conditions change along the trail.

For more information and perspectives, you can also download our brochure (PDF) or view another interactive map created by rail trail enthusiast Tom Kelleher, as part of a statewide archive of maps that he maintains. It includes links to historic photos of railroad stations that once were located there.

Community Trail Access Points

There are many informal access points with plenty of free parking located throughout the trail, but here are some areas that we think are the easiest to use:

In Everett you can access the trail near Air Force Road and the SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park, not too far from the Best Buy store. It then runs past the Madeline English School before entering Malden behind the Bell Rock cemetery.

In Malden, there are two main access points for the trail near Malden Square.

  1. On the westbound side of Rte. 60, across the street from Malden High near the hockey rink parking lot. That will take you north as far a Beach Street in Malden (not too far from the Revere movie theater)
  2. On the eastbound side of Route 60 behind the Dockside Restaurant. This will take you south through Everett. It then ends near the Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park, not too far from the Best Buy, in Everett.

In Revere, you can access the trail where Lynn Street meets Wesley Street in Malden, near the Revere line.

In Saugus, you can access the trail where Salem Street meets Franklin Street in Revere, near the Saugus line.

Northern Strand Videos

The Malden stretch of the Northern Strand
The Revere/Saugus stretch of the Northern Strand that is currently gravel but soon to be paved!
The Lynn portion of the future Norther Strand as well as the Community Path of Lynn